Save the Animals Store is the result of a dream to open a charitable nonprofit retail business who’s fund raising will be used to save needy animals in ways that most local animal shelters cannot. The beginning of the dream started in 1997 when Matthew Marcinak volunteered at the Halifax Humane Society’s Thrift Store and in 2000 he became the manager. Matt has been a local resident for almost 30 years and he has owned and successfully operated three businesses, however Matt feels his most rewarding time was spent at the Humane Society. Matt used his marketing skills and retail experience to create a beautiful store and in the process increased sales over 1000%. With the help of the many volunteers the store became #1 in Volusia County.

The Humane Society continues to do very commendable work. Although Matt found it very frustrating to see beautiful animals put down by various shelters since they could not find a home. Over the years Matt continued to see animals put down because pet owners could not afford the veterinary bills for their pets medical problems or procedures. He dreamed of a way to save these animals.

Save the Animals Store (STAS) at the corner of Ridgewood and Dunlawton is the realization of Matt’s dream and he is joined by his best friend Ron Shavor to create the most rewarding experience for shoppers, donors and volunteers. The store is filled with new and used everything merchandise at very reasonable prices and includes; clothing, household items, books, sporting goods, furniture and thrift store items. The profits from the sale of the generous donations by the local community will go to helping the animals in need.

The primary mission of STAS is to work with local Veterinarians’ to save the lives of injured or diseased pets so they are not put down. A typical situation where STAS may help is if a pet is injured in an accident or needs major surgery and its owners can’t afford the bill, the pet may have been put down but STAS can make donations to the Vet to save the animal.

STAS will also help local rescue organizations and shelters around Volusia County to save animals lives and assist with pet adoptions. Matt and Ron have the philosophy that animals bring so much joy and smiles to our lives and they need someone to help them when no one else can.

STAS is well organized, clean and has a knowledgeable and friendly staff. It exists to help pets but it is also pet friendly. Pets are welcome in the store and especially in our pet photo area where they can be photographed with a seasonal friend like Santa or the Easter Bunny.

If you make donations, volunteer or make purchases it all goes to a wonderful cause and you become part of our Animal Saver family.

Matt, Ron and all the STAS Volunteers look forward to serving the community for many years.