We are a 501(c)3 Nonprofit company with a core mission of helping address the issues of animals by providing resources through contributions to other worthy animal charities, animal rescue centers and direct grants to veterinarians for needy animals. Below are the key differentiators between Save the Animals Store and other charitable stores:


  • The prompt pick-up of almost anything that homeowners wish to contribute, usually in less than 24 hours within a reasonable radius of the store and on scheduled pick-up days in other parts of Volusia county.

  • A commitment to keep expenses to a very reasonable minimum. and to contribute the balance to other animal charities and or support local veterinarians.

  • Generate more donations of merchandise and attract buyers with an ongoing commitment to advertising, promotional campaigns and internet marketing; www.savetheanimalsstore.


Save the Animals Store needs your support to achieve our dream!


DONATE, VOLUNTEER and BUY to become an Animal Saver Today!